The History of Mystery

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Why is a mysterious couple trespassing in SpaceLand, a decrepit and abandoned amusement park that was inspired by the Space Race? And why is one of the trespassers decapitated? Why does Herschel Brilliand, Assistant Professor of Sociology, and one of the only people who wants to protect SpaceLand, find a bag of rotting chicken carcasses in his car? And why has SpaceLand drawn the malicious interest of corrupt college officials, meth dealers, the police, four different assassins, shady consultants, three different politicians craving the same Congressional seat, and two distinct (but similarly-named) cults that uneasily share a deserted department store?

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A reality show in which B-list celebrities try to solve cold cases? Something so crass, homeless ex-NFL washout Geaddise Shrine wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy. But his worst enemy, his former teammate and the husband of his former girlfriend, thinks otherwise, and before he knows it, Shrine is a cast member on Celebrity Cold Case, competing against teams ranging from bitter quiz show rivals to divorced soap opera sweethearts and a hip-hop mogul paired with a politician who blames popular music for all the ills of society. 

Even though one of the cases involves a vanished football star, Shrine's team is assigned to solve the murder of a graduate student found in a terrible neighborhood far from her University. Always wanting to be the quarterback, Geaddise becomes interested in the other cases and risks disqualification and worse. And while the cases churn toward their own conclusions, he becomes convinced that there is a much larger case behind the scenes in which they are all pawns...

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